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Our Worship


Our worship services are special times during which we come into the presence of God together as his people. In the Christian faith, we don’t worship to earn God’s love; we worship in response to the love he has already given to us through Jesus.

Our goal is for worshippers, whether they are long-time Christians or newcomers exploring the Christian faith, to come face-to-face with Jesus Christ. As people, we are always being shaped and formed by our beliefs and practices. This means that Christian worship shouldn’t just play to our preferences.  It ought to challenge and transform us by bringing us into the presence of God and drawing us again into the story of His faithful and sacrificial love – a love that remains constant throughout ancient Israel, the early church and into our current, modern lives here in Greater Portland and around the world.

Additionally, worshipping together is not just something that we do as individual churches. Instead, it is something we do together with other believers and churches around the world today, connected with believers of the past.  Our worship service at CTR aims to embody those connections through liturgy. Liturgy (from the Greek leiturgia, "a public service") refers to the form in which things are done in a worship service.   With our desire to enact the story of God’s love and embody our connections with believers past and present, our liturgy draws from the rich history of Christian worship, combined with fresh, modern expressions, rooted in Scripture and focused on Jesus.  Our music, too, is a mix of contemporary songs and traditional hymns.


On the road to Emmaus (Luke 24), when Jesus’ disciples found themselves troubled and confused, Jesus met them along the way. When they confessed their troubles and doubts to Him, His words and presence began to change them. He unfolded God’s Word to them, pointing to His own person and work. He dined with them, giving thanks and breaking bread. The disciples recognized their Lord’s presence with them and hurried to tell others the good news.

In the Emmaus story, we recognize the pattern of historic Christian worship as it began to take shape. Our worship liturgy at Christ the Redeemer moves through a specific rhythm: God SUMMONS us as His people, God SANCTIFIES us to Himself, God SPEAKS to us in His Word, God STRENGTHENS us at His table, and God SENDS us into the world to share His grace.

The emphasis throughout our worship is upon God’s action and our appropriate response. In worship, we rehearse the gospel message of Jesus’ death and resurrection and are caught up into the mission of the Triune God. The flow of our liturgy aims at drawing us further into the life of the Trinity as children of God and then impelling us outward into our world.


Recent orders of worship can be found here in our resource section.







*adapted from City Church Philadelphia Guide to Our Worship